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Laura Kuo is a light channel and intuitive. 
She offers intuitive guidance, psychospiritual life path consulting, 
and integrative healing work designed to address your specific needs.  
Her client services support both individuals and businesses. All sessions are by phone.  
In person, on site, after-hours, and weekend sessions may be available by special request. 

Laura is also a certified hypnotherapist with masters training across a range of healing modalities.  As well, she has a Ph.D. in the History of Consciousness, a world-renowned program at the University of California at Santa Cruz. Laura worked as an academic for many years before segueing full time into the healing arts. It is in this domain where her gifts find their most resonant expression.

Laura’s high sense perception is experienced through claircognizance—
in thoughts and ideas, feelings and emotions—or what could simply be described 
as a “knowing” that streams from universal or divine consciousness, all that is. 
She channels guidance and healing on the conditions you are experiencing and life questions 
you are exploring at the convergence of your physical/pain body, your emotional/intellectual body, and your spiritual/metaphysical body.  

In your session with Laura, she connects with you intuitively and tunes into your higher self 
and the wellspring of divine wisdom that emanates from this realm.  
In this work, it is the superconscious that holds space for your subconscious healing. 

The channel in which Laura works downloads the highest frequency of Source Consciousness and the Arch Angels and Ascended Masters to support you in this time now, for your soul 
age now.She will then bring you into the channel for you to commune with your light guides, and experience the guidance and healing directly. This is one of the aspects of Laura's practice that makes her work very rare. To follow her as she channels guidance for you offers powerful clarity, insight, and transformational capacity unto itself; however, to be taken into this realm to connect for yourself is a life altering experience. In this portion of the work, you will be literally escorted into the outer dimensions of Source to meet your guides and converse and journey with them. The state is numinous and magical, and incomparable to 
any other healing experience you will find.

The Tao is hidden and nameless;
yet, it is the Tao alone that supports all things
and brings them to completion.
-Lao Tzu

Your soul is infinite. You are re-born into a new body and lifetime again and again 
in order to master lessons you have contracted to learn by the universe. 
Your soul wisdom contains all the experiences and memories over multiple lifetime; 
it is not limited by logic, time or space. Time is not linear. You are multidimensional awareness living all past, present and future lives simultaneously within parallel universes. 
All lessons and deeds of your past, present and future are recorded in your subconscious and held by your superconscious.They are used to determine each karmic lifetime. Indeed, if there were no time, or duality and separation, there is only the perception of these prisms, which is solidified by our individual and collective consciousness in the 3rd dimension 
(the hologram of duality and separation).  

In the 3rd dimension everything we are taught as real (the finite physical world), is unreal; and everything we are taught as unreal (Spirit, God), is real. The egoic mind is incapable of encapsulating the metaphysical; it can only create from its limited form of dualistic projection.  
To have faith is to believe what you can never know in the 3rd dimensional science of facts. 
The universal archetype of “Science” in the 5th dimension (light body), on the other hand, 
is “God’s view”. In God's perception, “data” comes after you put faith in action. “Science” 
here exists in the unseen. It is the nondual omniscience and holistic multidimensional oneness 
of consciousness.  Through the channel it guides you, and with your freewill, should you follow, the unseen becomes “seen” in your everyday reality.  

The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. 
They must be felt with the heart. 
-Helen Keller

The mysteries of all abundance lie in the unseen. If it is your soul age's capacity to see, 
you will be guided and shown. Soul age is where the soul is on its journey towards illumination.  Each incarnation has the capacity to unfold greater integration or revert that awareness in disintegration. Those who have burned heavy karma across many lifetimes, have integrated higher light within each lifetime, and have arrived in this time now with karmic seeds ripening to foster greater virtue, altruism, compassion and wisdom in harmonic convergence with the divine.  These beings are of an advanced soul age, and poised to connect with a higher path having transcended former teachings of suffering. They are being called to activate their highest light capacity and accelerate their light destiny in the service of humankind. This time of ascension is calling light workers to awaken to serve the planet, by being joy and light filled.  Thus, our greatest happiness and abundance is the fruit of our service on path living lives for which we have contracted.

This is what it means to manifest a life of gold. 
This is what it means to beam from your “virtue,” 
the path of heart-mind-action alignment.  
This is what it means to ignite the “atma” of your high heart, 
the three fold flame of wisdom, power and love.  
This is what it means to live 5th dimensionally in the 3rd dimension.

The channel offers you a palpable experience of your soul’s light destiny in the presence of the divine . In the channel you delve deeper into the metaphysical or "God’s view," breaking through the false prisms of the 3D. You experience the ascension and acceleration of your frequency and be guided how to hold that vibration in order to attract like energy in all areas of your life—love, health, career and general well-being. You are guided through “past lives,” and “future lives,” and brought into the eternal love and peace of loved ones who have passed. You experience the alchemy that underlies the law of attraction; see, hear, feel, and touch life within your awakened self; and receive divine messages from your light angels and spiritual counsel. You commune with your essential self, divine complement and the nature of why you are here. The work offers the life altering experience of being held in the womb of the universe, and being guided to self realization and 5th dimensional awareness.  

The experience reaches your core being and spirit to clear, illuminate and heal 
you within pure light awareness.  This comprehensive approach to healing brings about rapid, powerful, and lasting transformations that will dramatically improve your life, 
as well as take you into the next dimension of your soul capacity in this lifetime. 

Only the dawn is with us as yet - the dawn of the Aquarian Age.
The full tide of light is inevitably moving upon its way towards us. 
-Alice A. Bailey

The New Age of light is unfolding out of 2000 years of the Kali Yuga (the darkest period the planet has experienced and the farthest humanity has ever been from God). The time of light that mystics, seers, yogis and prophets have envisioned for millennia is NOW. The matrix has shifted. The end of the Mayan calendar of 12-21-2012 has launched the Aquarian age of light, where our planet is returning to zero point, her birthright of light capacity, completing the following monumental cycles of cosmic transformation: a 26000 year cycle of our solar system around the milky way galaxy; a 225 million year cycle of our region of space around the sun; and a 20 billion year cycle of our Milky Way galaxy around the central sun. 
The earth's vibrational field has ascended from the 3rd dimension (duality and separation) into the 5th dimension (light body).

Since the 12-12-12 gate way leading up to 12-21-12, our planet has been undergoing waves of continued ascension leading to the shift into the 5D matrix. Before this shift, the channel brought in guidance from the outer 13th dimension. Since the shift, it has ascended to the 33rd dimension, and continues ascending. We are held and surrounded by these ascended energies that enter the portal to guide us.  It is a time of tremendous planetary ascension and the energy continues to accelerate. The mystical shifts in our lives are catalyzed by our freewill to choose our highest path and master living its light. With practice and prayer we flow in surrender and grace on these continued waves of high. Change won't happen to us as we sit back passively, living unremarkable lives in safety and security, waiting for our golden ticket. The call is to reinvent ourselves, live from love, take radical leaps of faith from this inspiration, and give God multiple channels to enter.

This time is only for our high.  This time is only for our light.

All grief, addiction, scarcity, illness, fear, anger, and trauma cohere within a 3rd dimensional consciousness of duality and separation. The last 2000 years of the Piscean age have unfolded teachings of suffering and darkness, lifetime after lifetime, so that human perception (matter) could ultimately integrate the greater truth of its connection to spirit and light. It is only in perception that challenge manifests and it is only through unconscious conditioning and habitual behavioral patterning that restricted mindsets and routines contain us in limitation and mire. We need only guidance, support, and practice to recalibrate and embody another vision and experience of living. For those awakening as light beings, with the ending of the Piscean age, there are simply no longer lessons to learn through suffering. There is only the opportunity for radical healing and transformation in your birthright of light and on your divinely inspired path.  That time is now.

Your daily life is your temple and your religion. 
Whenever you enter into it take with you your all.
-Kahil Gibran

It is a phenomenal time to be alive, and our intention at this time serves 
the soul's purpose of awakening the light to usher in this diamond age. 
The call for light masters has always been in support of this time and to offer guidance 
and healing to those whose souls are calling for the embodiment of their full light capacity. 
It is within this planetary convergence that intention and service manifest.

Laura is at her best when you are at yours. This is her truth, her path, and her service.  
In your work together you will find your bliss and follow that beam toward your center. 
You, in the luminous beauty of your intrinsic nature, will be found there. 
Your work together will activate your light body and guide you to embodying your 
highest multidimensional capacity in the 5th dimension. Given that our 3rd dimensional reality is projected from our higher selves in the 6th dimension, our life is simply a hologram. 
What you believe and see is so. It is as simple as that. If you hold this truth within your 
deepest most integral self, and live and embody this alignment in your daily life with your freewill and action, you will manifest your highest.  

You can live in your bliss. You can elevate your vibration. You can harmonize your actions with that frequency. You can attract unlimited abundance, joy, love, success, health, prosperity and blessings beyond measure. Sometimes that may appear as being without what you think you want, or bringing in something even greater, or aligning with the signs/path of your higher self with patience and faith as it is all unfolding. The law of attraction rhetoric that has been popular in the past decade is often misunderstood and misused.  The work comprises a much more holistic spectrum of integration beyond simply posting an object on a vision board and praying really hard for it.  The question to meditate on is, "is what the ego/I wants aligned with my higher self?" To realize and manifest one's light capacity requires the interface mindful intention and action to live in alignment with your soul age and karmic contract.  To connect with the depth and meaning of this truth, and act on it, is the reason 
you contracted for this lifetime.

The cosmic power of your pure intention can create miracles. 
These miracles are meant to be your everyday reality.

Give up defining yourself-to yourself and others. 
You won't die. You will come to life. 
-Eckhart Tolle

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