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Within each of us exists a code in our spiritual DNA that contains our light destiny that 
has been etched in the cosmic lattice for all creation.  Depending on our life path and our 
level of awareness, alignment and intention, that code is either dormant or activated to 
allow our access to the full force of divine energy in order to manifest our karmic contracts. 
 The following energy series are transmission protocols that Laura has downloaded from 
Source Consciousness through her extensive channeling. 

If you are ready to go to the next level in your life, whether it is healing in the aftermath 
of a crisis, or inspiration bringing about greater expansion in your life, the following empowerment series catalyzes profound energetic shifts of rebirth, renewal, 
and regeneration.  

The series of three sessions take place in three consecutive weeks and creates an energy 
surge in your field that balances, purifies and inaugurates new growth and momentum in your life, activating your light body and raising your frequency to attract new beginnings.  

After the three sessions, you will have completed the first stage of your empowerment. 
There will be a period of acclimation that lasts anywhere from a period of 
1 months - 1 year, depending on your integration and healing path.  You will then be 
called to the second stage, and then the third, completing one level of empowerment. 
You may be called to the next cycle of empowerment in a matter of months or years, depending on your life experience and spiritual practice during this time. If you are doing ongoing work, this will be guided in the channel.

With each level of empowerment, your field expands and ascends. 

In this deeply intense healing experience, you will be put into a delta state of consciousness, where your brain waves are in their greatest amplitude and slowest frequency, bringing 
you into the state of Samadhi, oneness with the universe, and connected to your higher self 
and full multidimensional light body. It is within this state that all trauma recovery and 
miracle healing take place. 

3 sessions (3 consecutive weeks) = 1 stage

3 stages  = 1st level empowerment 

1-2 hour sessions

If we surrender to earth's intelligence,
we could rise up rooted like trees.
- Rainer Marie Rilke

divine feminine/masculine initiation:

The imbalance of feminine and masculine energy has been the single most significant 
deviation from nature's perfect order. It has shrouded the earth in the dense energy fear, 
which comprises the lower astral plane of the 4th dimension, and threatens to force the 
planet into cataclysmic upheaval.  The 2000 years of relentless suffering in human history 
(the Kali Yuga) has been the due to the acceleration of this steady erosion of the careful balance and flow of masculine and feminine energies on planet earth over millennia.  Human life has lost its connection to the earth's homeostasis and we are witnessing the devastation wrought by this imbalance, as well as the planet's desperate attempts to return to center balance through myriad natural disasters and upheavals.  At this momentous time in human history, we are receiving the call to return to the divine whole that exists within each of us.  Individuals every man and woman is divinely comprised by this balance of masculine and feminine energies, and our greater healing lies in our return to this perfect state, which resonates within all life on this sacred planet.  This empowerment aligns these energies within your field according to the universe's original blueprint, heals personal and relational strife around gender and sexuality, 
and connects you to a wellspring of life, vitality and inspiration, aligning your field 
to the earth's 5th dimensional resonance of light.

If you knew the secret of Life
you too would choose,
no other companion, but Love.

 fertility balancing:

Departing from the energetics of the divine feminine/masculine empowerment, this series focuses on the desire to conceive new life. One of the greatest myths of contemporary modern medicine is the alleged correlation between one's age and ability to conceive/procreate. The larger universal order that determines one's fertility is an individual's/couple's karmic capacity, emotional state, belief system, physical health, and core energetic alignment of a woman to conceive and carry the pregnancy. If these areas are in balance, there will be conception and birth. Laura supports you in this process by determining you and/or your partner's karmic capacity, individually and as a couple, and attending to any necessary healing/balancing to support the pregnancy.  Laura will connect you to the soul of your baby, as well as his/her contract, and what is being asked of you in order to bring this life forth.  

Woman is the creator of the universe,
the universe is her form;
woman is the foundation of the world,
she is the true form of the body.
Whatever form she takes,
Whether the form of a man or a woman,
is the superior form.
In woman is the form of all things,
of all that lives and moves in the world.
There is no jewel rarer than woman,
no condition superior to that of a woman.
There is not, nor has been, nor will be
any destiny to equal that of a woman;
there is no kingdom, no wealth
to be compared with a woman;
there is not, nor has been, nor will be
any holy place like unto a woman.
There is no prayer equal to a woman.
There is not, nor has been, nor will be
any yoga to compare with a woman,
no mystical formula nor ascetism
to match a woman.
There are not, nor have been, nor will be
any riches more valuable than woman.
-Saktisangama Tantra

purification clearing:

As you are undergoing your ascension process, you will experience a period of oscillation between the 3rd and 5th dimensions in order to gain greater momentum and resonance in the 5th dimension. During this time there may be moments of feeling blocked, stuck, or overwhelmed by former energetic patterns in the 3rd dimension. This series utilizes the highest frequency of divine intention to literally burn away old prisms of fear, anger, resentment, addiction, and scarcity, and cut energetic cords to past situations, people and behavior that no longer serve you in your highest. The result will be a physical and metaphysical lightening and quickening so you are able to live with renewed energy, 
faith, and inspiration.


If you love, 
you will know that everything begins and everything ends, 
and there is a time for beginning and there is a time for ending, 
and there is no wound in it. 
One is not wounded, one simply knows the season is over. 
One is not in despair, one simply understands, 
and one thanks the other: 
"You gave me so many beautiful gifts. 
You gave me new visions of life, 
you opened a few windows I might never have opened on my own. 
Now the time has come that we separate and our ways part." 
Not in anger, not in rage, not with a grudge, not with any complaint, 
but with tremendous gratitude, with great love, 
with thankfulness in the heart. 
If you know how to love, you will know how to separate. 


The 5th dimension is beyond time and space, thus one's multidimensional consciousness manifests thoughts, wishes and desires instantaneously.  Whether you are attracting a new career, community, relationship, or lifestyle, this series supports the integration of 5th dimensional light by aligning your third eye to your high heart to powerfully manifest from the pure intention of your light body.  As you undergo the ascension process, you will be also guided to recalibrate and retrain your mental processing to shift your perception from the time/space continuum of the 3rd dimension to attraction and action in the 5th. 

Everyone sees the unseen in proportion to the clarity of her heart, 
and that depends upon how much she has polished it. 
Whoever has polished it more, sees more - 
more unseen forms become manifest to her.

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