Sessions with Laura are by phone.
In person, weekend, after-hours, and on-site sessions may be available by special request.

intuitive consulting:

by the hour, or a fraction thereof

comprehensive session
(intuitive reading/healing channel):

by the hour, or a fraction thereof
general session time is 3 hours

In the first session, the initial reading is approximately 2-3 hours depending on the questions you have in relation to the download that is channeled for you. This session activates your pineal gland and opens you to your 5th dimensional life path.  After the first session, how the work generally flows is approximately 1.5 hours to download guidance and approximately 1.5 hours to go into the healing/channel and connect with your guides. Occasionally, it is possible to do both on the first session; however, most need to integrate the guidance before entering the channel.  If you would like to do both on your first session, the session would run at least 3 hours, again, depending on what arises when during the session. Sessions thereafter are scheduled according to your flow and preference. You will know your organic flow in the channel after approx 2-3 sessions. Laura can accommodate special requests and scheduling preferences, tailoring the session to work for you.

empowerment series:

3 sessions (1 level) / 3 levels

1-2 hours / session

 The comprehensive session can incorporate the energy empowerment series.  
Sessions can be scheduled within the client's requested time frame, or unfold organically. 
The natural rhythm of your session time will be revealed after the first session or two.

targeted check-ins in between sessions: 

check-in by email available and billed by the hour per question; 
one question is approx. 30 minutes 

Sessions are billed at an hourly rate.
 Appointments begin at the time scheduled; please observe a 48 hour cancellation policy. 
Please remit balance as a series in advance of your sessions, 
or after each session on the day of your session.
Weekend, in-person, after hours and on-site session rates apply. 
Please inquire about the fee structure for the specific services requested.

You may pay for your session by check or cash or bank transfer for a series (no fees);
or at:​ where all major credit cards are accepted (fees apply)​.

Be free where you are.​
-Thich Nhat Hanh

for a session with laura, 
please email:

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