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Beauty is an expression of the rapture of being alive. 
-Joseph Campbell

Laura’s high sense perception is experienced through claircognizance—
in thoughts and ideas, feelings and emotions—or what could simply be described
as a “knowing” that streams from universal or divine consciousness, all that is.
She channels guidance and healing on the conditions you are experiencing and life questions
you are exploring at the convergence of your physical/pain body, your emotional/intellectual body,and your spiritual/metaphysical body.

In your session with Laura, she connects with you intuitively and tunes into your higher self
and the wellspring of divine wisdom that emanates from this realm.
In this work, it is the superconscious that holds space for your subconscious healing.

The channel in which Laura works downloads the highest frequency of Source Consciousness and the Arch Angels and Ascended Masters to support you in this time now, for your soul age now.  She will then bring you into the channel for you to commune with your light guides, and experience the guidance and healing directly. This is one of the aspects of Laura's practice that makes her work very rare. To follow her as she channels guidance for you offers powerful clarity, insight, and transformational capacity unto itself; however, to be taken into this realm to connect for yourself is a life altering experience. In this portion of the work, you will be literally escorted into the outer dimensions of Source to meet your guides and converse and journey with them. The state is numinous and magical, and incomparable to any other healing experience you will find.

The experience reaches your core being to clear, illuminate and heal 
you within a realm of pure light awareness. This comprehensive approach brings about rapid, powerful, and lasting transformations that will dramatically improve your life, as well as take you into the next dimension of your soul capacity in this lifetime. 

Today is the result of yesterday, and today is the cause of tomorrow; 
what was the cause becomes the effect, and the effect the cause. 
One flows into the other… [an individual] can break through [her] conditioning--
and [she] must, if [she] would discover the real.
-J. Krishnamurti 

Session work could be briefly described in a threefold, mixed modalities process:

1) In the intuitive consulting session, Laura addresses and supports any area and 
set of questions for which you are seeking illumination. She connects with you at 
your point of essence, your highest vibration, in your beingness, your oneness, your light, 
downloading guidance from the outer dimensions of the Ascended Masters, 
Arch Angels, and Source Consciousness. This intuitive guidance offers profound clarity, accuracy, insight, and healing at the cellular and soul levels, facilitating deep shifts 
and awareness in your daily life. 

This connection integrates a beta state of consciousness (cognitive discernment / 
perception / action / 3rd dimensional perception) with an alpha state of consciousness (relaxation / meditation / reflection / 4th dimensional perception within a 
3rd dimensional reality), activating the alpha-theta bridge to connect your conscious 
and subconscious mind to your superconscious.

2) In the comprehensive session, the healing is accelerated at the cellular and
 soul levels. You are induced into a beautiful trance state (hypnosis) and escorted into a portal in the 6th dimension through to the outer (and inner) light dimensions of Ascended Masters, Arch Angels and Source to commune with your guides and angels directly in the form of a profoundly mystical journey of light. 

This connection moves you from an alpha state of consciousness (vivid imaging) into a 
theta state of consciousness (deeper meditation / psychic intuition / unconscious creative inspiration / inner wisdom / spiritual introspection / 4th and 5th dimensional awareness / 
multidimensional awareness)

3)You then receive an energetic transmission/healing from this ascended frequency to guide and support health, healing, alignment and personal power to live in your highest. 

This connection puts you into a delta state of consciousness (the greatest amplitude and 
slowest frequency state of Samadhi / oneness with the universe / higher self / light body /  grace / trauma recovery / miracle healing ). 

In short, the comprehensive session begins by accessing your conscious, 
beta wave thinking in the intuitive consulting portion, and then uses the alpha bridge 
to integrate the formerly unconscious spiritual guidance of theta waves in the guided journey/channeling portion, and then accesses the superconscious higher dimensional delta 
waves of the energy healing/transmission/empowerment portion (see empowerment series). 
The activation of the alpha bridge allows you to download wisdom and insight from theta 
and delta connection in your session. In this deeply embodied meditation you will experience 
the balanced state of conscious, unconscious and superconscious working together, 
which comprises multidimensional awareness (light body).

about the work:
an important note from laura

Individual readings are extremely powerful and set clients on their course in the area about 
which they are inquiring. One off "miracles" continue to happen in the channel. The work is, however, intended to be ongoing for a period of time that feels intuitively right for each client. While life transformation via the channel is rapid, healing passages unfold in stages and levels so that clients may go deeper into their self awareness, create shift, and embody their higher-self according to their life rhythm. When connecting to the outer dimensions, shift is instantaneous; however, we must align with this "new" reality in our everyday lives in order to bring it in quickly, and this requires 3D coaching, commitment and day to day mastery. The 3D is the final stage of our "seen" reality where the spiritual shift/law of attraction (our "unseen" reality) takes place. Our new earth reality coheres in matter (manifestation) contingent upon our alignment with Spirit, our Karma, and the extent to which we follow the guidance channeled for us. Henceforth, the most powerful experience of the work occurs especially for those who are able to evolve and grow in the channel in the cycles and flow of their daily life, so that they may be guided in the 3D as they witness their hologram shifting to the 5D in real time. While this requires investment, dedication and discipline, it is an absolutely inspiring process of revelation, manifestation and deeper living. Indeed living our lives to our fullest spiritual capacity while merging with the Divine is one of the most profound experiences any human being could have.

Create for yourselves a new indomitable perception of faithfulness. 
What is usually called faithfulness passes so quickly, let this be your faithfulness.

You will experience moments... fleeting moments... with the other person. 
The human being will appear to you then as if filled, radiant with the archetype of her spirit.

And then there may be... indeed will be... other moments, 
long periods of time when the other human being is darkened. 
But you will learn to say to yourselves at such times:

"The Spirit makes me strong. I remember the archetype. 
I saw it once. No illusions, No deceptions shall rob me of it."

Always struggle for the image that you saw. This struggle is faithfulness. 
Striving thus for faithfulness, we shall be close to one another, 
as if endowed with the protective powers of angels.
- Rudolf Steiner

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